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Surprise, AZ Club Basketball Team

Top 10 Signs Your Done With Surprise Rec League

When is it time to stop putting your kid in the Surprise recreation basketball league?

#10 Your 7 year old thinks he's a great 3 point shooter. He has no idea the real rim is 10 feet tall.

#9 Your child says things like that wasn't my buddy when other people score.

#8 You watch a kid go all the way down the court with about 1 dribble

#7 Your child is more concerned about snack than the game.

#6 You see 5 kids that can dribble and call them "the dream team"

#5 You get recruited by coach Floyd.

#4 You start noticing all the good kids disappeared.

#3 You start noticing the kids rather go in a circle than go to the left.

#2 You forget to sign up for the snack List.

#1 Your child scored a bazillion points.

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